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We at Sixbase Technologies quickly and efficiently analyze the business processes required to create or deliver information products – from aggregating and digitizing content to managing and then delivering information products to various audiences. Our primary focus is on bridging the gap between business and IT to help clients realize measurable business value from their IT-enabled investments.

As a result, we have become one of the fastest growing consultancies in the industry by combining technology lifecycle and vertical industry expertise and experience. In the process, we have transformed management consulting while helping our clients transform their businesses.

Improving the sequence of activities required to create, manage and distribute information – what we call the content supply chain – often drives dramatic change within an organization: reduced expenses, faster time to market and the creation of more innovative products and services. We’ve helped a number of organizations – from global IT companies to leading information services providers – achieve those goals.

We start with a detailed analysis of our client’s content supply chain. Once we’ve made a system recommendation, we then focus on four key areas that are integral to the project’s success, whether it involves outsourcing editorial functions or integrating new systems.

Stress communication between all key stakeholders. Communication is important at every stage of project, prior to the analysis, during the analysis and again during the pilot implementation.

Stay focused on overarching goals. Every project team often needs to balance the need for modifications against the original goals. At each step of the way, we will determine which course corrections are necessary and how the project can continue to meet the overarching business objectives.

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